Saturday, April 10, 2010

Child Abuse Awareness month

In honor of Child Abuse Awareness Month (April) I thought I would write a different blog post.

I am sure some will say that this blog is “too much information” or even vulgar. How dare I speak of the things that happened in my home and in my childhood. Though we do hear of many child abuse cases it is still unbelievable how many children’s lives right now, were very much like my childhood. How it’s shameful to yourself to speak out and tell someone. How other family members are to turn their heads and just ignore what is going on in their own houses or within their family. It is impossible for no one to know that child abuse is taking place. There is always at least one other adult that knows. It is not just physical abuse that can kill a child. Their souls can die from emotional and verbal abuse. No matter the kind of abuse whether physical, emotional, verbal, mental, nonverbal and sexual, it is still abuse and can kill someone. Their body may be physically alive, however the inside of them are dead. Their souls are darkened their joyful spirits are gone. Some are survivors after a more difficult road that only one couldn’t even begin to imagine. The healing process some how kills you inside, over and over until it just doesn’t anymore. It’s a daily struggle to deal with and affects your every day life. You fight daily to break the cycle because it is a very vicious cycle to get caught in. You become so angry with yourself, with others, and even with people that had nothing to do with what happened to you. Some become abusers to go on and abuse others they way they have been abused. The rest of the victims aren’t here today to tell you what category they would be in because wether someone else took their life or if they took their life it was still from the abuse they endured. Someone that has been abused is also looking at mental health problems as well. So please if you know a child is being abused or even suspect it, you can save their life. I know how it feels not wanting to get involved but imagine how you would feel if something happened all because you didn’t call, because of not wanting to get “involved” it take less than 10 minutes of your day to give a child a lifetime.

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